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Welcome to Hardwood Crafts, the home of bespoke hand-made apple & pear presses. If you are looking for a functional and attractive press which has also been described as ornamental, you have come to the right place. If you are a garden designer looking for an attractive “rural statement” to include in your design, this could also be for you!

Sourced from responsibly harvested local English hardwood, they have been designed to include the more contemporary barrel style and also the larger, and more traditional “cheese & slat” press.

Traditional tapered oak pegs are used to hold all presses firmly together – so they are very portable and easy to assemble; thus making them particularly attractive for community groups who need to move equipment from orchard to orchard.

Please browse the specific areas of this site to find out more about the various sizes available, together with design parameters and technical information etc.

Elsewhere you will also find details on the following:-

Designs and technical thinking for a home-made apple grinder—essential for satisfactory apple pressing.
Thoughts on other types of press, also constructed from hardwood; eg suitable for cheese, honey and also books.
A pictorial library of  our presses and crushers.
A pictorial library of other hardwood products, made on commission, or just making use of timber off-cuts to produce something fairly interesting.
How to contact us for further information, requests for specific work or products.

No house with a few apple or pear trees should be without one!