Other Projects

These are given to provide an insight to our wider capability, and the sort of  ”stock” items which are available. We are delighted to support our local community Hub shop in Bradford on Avon who exhibit  and sell some of these products. They (Made in BoA) can be followed both on Facebook and Twitter.

Community based projects.

Flag pole inserts for Queen’s Jubilee and Olympic Torch run

jubilee projects image 1jubilee image 2

Collars were needed to mount 21 flag poles into existing metal tubing already wall mounted for Christmas trees.

Pity that not all tubing was of the same diameter! hence a tapered outer surface with an edge sawn through to allow a firm fit onto both flagpole and metal tube.

An “Olympic torch” for our Millenium statue, “Millie”

millie by torch light


This project was completed inside 24 hours from the initial request! Luckily some seasoned beechwood was available, so after roughing out a design, 2 pieces were turned to form the base, to which the mantle was to fit, and house the electric junction box; and the second piece the mount for the 3 LED lamps.

The torch was finished in time to be mounted by the Olympic torch “Bunting team” at 6 am the following morning!

The fantastic photo (left) was taken by a great local photographer Jess Beverage.

millie 4millie 1

mille 2millie 3

Bits & Pieces...

Nest of 4 egg cups with salt cellar, In Oak Nest of 9 egg cups In Oak Chopping board made from beech, copper beech and meranti off cuts Desk / Hall tidy b.e. maple Breathing life into an old friend, Copper beech
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A display table currently in use at SerenArts in the Tithebarn Workshops complex of Bradford on Avon. The table base provides storage and the 2 tier glass display shelves are turned from segmented Yew ...


serenarts gallery jewellery standserenarts gallery jewellery stand

The articles above provide an illustration of some of what has been made over the last few years. If you would like something made from wood, do please get in touch.